The three creators of the team: Fruzsina Dolnik, Hanna Lőrincz and Krisztina Götz. The founding of the brand was motivated by our friendship, but the happiness found in creating together and sharing the same mindset is what made us a team.

Our friendship is a vital part of the group, but for all three of us, sustainability and naturality is a key aspect of the designing and creative process. We utilise different techniques, we crochet, embroider and macrame. We create recycled fashion items, design installations and hold craft workshops in the hopes of changing mindsets and to share these free to use traditional techniques.

The name Tangly Hands symbolises the various techniques that we use, but also stands for our connection to each other and  for the melding of the fabrics and ourselves. All three of us have different artistic backgrounds, we are interested in different paths but we still connect to textiles the same way. The goal of the team is to create installations and products infused with self-expression and experimentation and to put traditional techniques into new context.



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